Why you are first in Venezia on Tripadvisor ???

giovedì, ottobre 7, 2010 AT 12:10 PM

Why you are first on Tripadvisor ???

This is the first question thatRobert Glaser asked to  me when with your wife visited my studio the day before yesterday !!!

In the about  two hours that remained in my studio, I thought a lot about this question,

I said so after thinking while doing the things he requested:

– I think that people are amazed still find (in 2010) craftsmen  who create with their hands and does not produce a “mass production”

and for this I  thinks find a person that create “in front of you” enjoy  some favorable opinions…..

Only when we parted he told me who he was .. 🙂 ….

I hope I has satisfied the curiosity that led him to look me at  work .. with the glass on the  fire…


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